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Parchment Craft - Embossing Part 2

This time I'm going to stipple the top section of the daisy. Firstly emboss this area lightly. I've started with the Soft Shader as it's a bigger area.

Go over it again with the hockey stick or regular shader. Don't make the area too white. Just a light shading and it doesn't even have to be perfectly evenly shaded!

That's all the shading we need in preparation for stippling.

Emboss the petals the same way as in tutorial 1. The main difference is that we have not embossed the outlines.

The next difference you will notice is that I am shading the petals in closer to the centre of the flower. This is to give the petals more definition once the outlines have been erased.

Okay - this is shaping up now. Let's remove the outlines and see what it looks like....

Pretty good although I think the petals could be shaded a little more towards the top.

A bit better - the petals look more like they are attached to the centre now!

Let's stipple the centre. You can use a 1 needle tool or a 2 needle perforator like I have (provided you're careful to keep both needles inside the required area, 2 needles will get the job done faster!)

Randomly perforate this area from the back of the parchment. The perforating is done on top of a normal craft / cutting mat. This ensures the perforations are shallow.

Now we can compare - with and without outlines. Outlines give a more stylised look where no outlines leaves a softer, more realistic look.

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