Robyn's Kaleidoscope of Green Lace

How to create your tea bag tile for card making:

1. Open up your image editor first (eg. Paintshop Pro, Adobe Photoshop) - ready to copy your chosen tile into. If you use Photoshop do FILE NEW (1280x960 to be safe) at this point.

2. Click on the green button (sometimes click twice is needed) to start.

3. Click the red button to stop when you see a pattern you like.
The pattern making will stop when it has rotated 360 degrees. Just click the green button to start again.

Use the backward and forward arrows to step through the rotation if you didn't click stop at quite the right time.

4. Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard

5. Go into your image editor and press CTL-V or select Edit, Paste from the menu

6. Crop the screen image to just the tile and save.