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Step By Step Instructions on Blended Pencil Colouring on Parchment
Step By Step Instructions on Embossing Parchment
Embossing without outlines
How To Create a Split Tea Bag Tile
Tips On Tierazon
(Fractal Generator)
Sample Fold For A Split Tile 
Creating Textured Papers with PSP 
Creating Layered Backgrounds with PSP 

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Robyn's Kaleidoscopes

Paper folding, tea bag folding, card making, hand made cards, miniature kaleidoscope origami. Base code from free tools at

You can create over 100 tea bag folding tiles FREE from EACH of these kaleidoscopes! For some designs there are co-ordinating base image sets to combine with the tea bag folding for complete card making. These include pyramid image sheets and feature images for your cards. Happy card making.

Flower photosLace effectsReal Lace & PearlsChristmasOther
Agapanthus 1

Blue Waterlily 1

Hearstease 1

Hot pink gerbera 1

Jacaranda 1

Lilac Frangipani 1

Pale Pink Geranium 1

Pink Frangipani 1

Pink Frangipani 2

Pink Orchid 1

Vintage Rose

Waterlily 1

Waterlily 2

White Frangipani 2

White Frangipani 3

White Frangipani 4

White frangipani 1

Yellow daisy 1

Yellow daisy 2

Blue Lace

Bright Flowers & Lace

Green Lace

Jewels and Lace 1

Jewels and Lace 2

Jewels and Lace 3

Jewels and Lace 4

Jewels and Lace 5

Jewels and Lace 6

Jewels and Lace 7

Round Jewels 1

Pink & Green Jewels & Lace

Pink & Green Lace 1

Pink & Green Lace 2

Rainbow Jewels 1

Rainbow Lace 1

Rainbow Lace 2

Sculptured Pink with Black Lace

Lace and pearls

Pearls on gold satin 2

Pearls on gold satin 3

Pearls on gold satin 4

White Lace on black 1

White Lace on black 2

White Lace on blue

White Lace on red

White lace

Christmas Baubles 2

Christmas Baubles 1

Christmas Baubles 3 (Round)

Christmas Lace 1

Christmas Snowflake

Christmas Stars

Christmas Stripes

Christmas bells

Christmas tree

Holly & Snowflakes

Judiths Taj Mahal 1

Judiths Taj Mahal 2 (round)

Judiths Taj Mahal 3 (round)

Red Geranium

Red Grevillea

Red Hibiscus 1

Red & Green Curves

Red poinsettia 1

Red poinsettia 2

Black and White Flowers Leaves

Butterflies 1

Ulysses Butterfly 1

Crazy Dots 1

Faceted Flower

Hypnotic Rainbow Flower 1

Hypnotic Rainbow Flower 2


Peacock 1

Psychedelic Flower Power

Sea Shells

Subtle Silks



© All designs and images copyright of Masikati Web Design 2008 except where noted. Free for PERSONAL use only. No images or designs may be reproduced or sold in any form. (Cards made using these designs MAY be sold.)