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Creating Textured Papers with PSP 

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Creating Textured Papers with Paintshop Pro

Click on the image to view full size
To select foreground and background colours make sure the Materials Palette is visible (View > Palettes > Materials).

Then click on one of the coloured squares (mousing over it will tell you whether it's foreground or background).

After you click on it you will see a colour selection box like this. You can pick one of the set colours in the small checkered array.
If you click on this dark green colour, the graduated colour box (inside the rainbow circle) will change.
You can further adjust your colour selection by clicking anywhere inside the graduated colour box.

Once you have a colour you want, click OK at the bottom.

Then when you paint with the paintbrush or use the bucket fill tool, this will be the colour you use.

1. Create a new blank image and select your foreground and background colours. I created an image 420x600 pixels.
2. Select the paintbrush tool then in the dropdown box select Marble1. My settings were - 
Step : 32
Density : 100
Thickness : 100
3. Click the marbled circle randomly over your canvas until you have an even covering.
4. Now change the paintbrush shape to Smoke Wisp. (See image enlargement for settings).
5. Spray smoke wisps across the canvas.
6. Now select the smudge tool. (See image enlargement for settings).
7. Drag the smudge tool back and forth across the image until you have a more even coverage of colour.
7. Select from the Adjust menu - Add/remove Noise > Add noise (See image enlargement for settings).
8. If you want to reduce the intensity of colour now, select

Layers > Promote Background Layer

9. In the Layers Palette, change the opacity to 80%. Save your image, close and reopen it.
This is the resultant paper.
10. To create another paper using this as the base, select

Effects >Art Media Effects > Brush Strokes

11. See image enlargement for settings. Then save your image as another name so as not to lose your first paper.
Your second paper!
12. To create another paper using your first paper as the base, select

Effects >Texture Effects > Fir

I also suggest as a last step, applying Effects > Image Effects > Seamless Tiling as this will allow you to repeat the image to as large a size as you need - without loss of quality for printing.

© All designs and images copyright of Masikati Web Design 2008 except where noted. Free for PERSONAL use only. No images or designs may be reproduced or sold in any form. (Cards made using these designs MAY be sold.)