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Tips On Tierazon
(Fractal Generator)
Creating Textured Papers with PSP 

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Tips On Using Tierazon To Make Fractals For Tea Bag Tiles

Click here to download Tierazon. Note - the download link is toward the end of the page.

These instructions are so far from scientific or mathematical they will fail to make your head spin. These tips are just a method for randomly playing with fractals and getting some pretty patterns to use with a kaleidoscoping tool - ending up with tea bag tiles. It's all about the cards, isn't it? :)
1. When you start Tierazon up it looks like this.
2. First thing you want to do is select Window from the menu and then change the size. I generally use Custom- 500 x 500.
3. One filter I have found to give pleasing results is 44.) Diamonds.
4. After Diamonds I got this. Next tip is to zoom in on a likely looking area of the image. Just click at the top left corner of the section you like and drag - the box will appear like this.

5. Then click the magnifying glass.

6. Already we have something looking a bit interesting.
7. So let's save it and have a play with kaleidoscoping. Tierazon always saves as bitmaps so I just save as JPG when I start playing in Paintshop Pro.
8. I'm sure everyone has their own favourite kaleidoscoping software.
9. So with a short play you can end up with a new tile (or 10).
10. Okay, so now we're bored with that image. Let's try something different.

Go to Draw in the Tierazon menu and pick some other formula.

11. Here's a busy one.Drag a selection square on it somewhere and zoom in.
12. Looking promising, but maybe too busy to produce something nice in a kaleidoscope.
13. Let's zoom in again - somewhere less busy.
14. Ahh, that's better.

A few tiles made from the one fractal.
15. Okay, I picked another formula. Sorry, I didn't record which but it doesn't matter. I did totally start again though - closed the previous image and did File New, then Draw ??? some other formula.
16. Getting tired of the pink and gold, so let's play with the colors. I randomly went to Color-1 and chose 2.)
17. Oh dear, looks like it's gone awol! Don't panic and don't give up!
18. Draw a selection square over most of the image and then zoom.
19. What did I tell you!? Might even be worth playing with! So save it and jump over to PSP.

20. Without much playing we get a couple of new tiles. I found the muddy brown was coming up a bit too much so let's go back to our fractal and see what we can do.
21. Zoom in on a section with only the colours you like.
22. And a couple more tiles from the zoomed section.
23. Another option we can try is switching to Julia Mode. Select a section of the fractal and click the button above the magnifying glass.
24. Parts of the original pattern are visible near the top centre but we get a whole new perspective on this pattern.
25. Let's fiddle with the colours again. This time I'm picking Color-2 28.)
26. Oops, awol again.


27.Use the same technique of selecting most of the image and zooming.

28. Interesting again!
29. Let's zoom.
30. Nice. Fairly busy though.
31. Let's pick a little section near the top.
32. Well, I think you get the idea ... happy playing!


© All designs and images copyright of Masikati Web Design 2008 except where noted. Free for PERSONAL use only. No images or designs may be reproduced or sold in any form. (Cards made using these designs MAY be sold.)