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Free Iris Folding Patterns
Free Parchment Patterns
Free 3D Sheets

How To Make A Paper Rose With No Special Tools
Step By Step Instructions on Blended Pencil Colouring on Parchment
Step By Step Instructions on Embossing Parchment
Embossing without outlines
Tips On Tierazon
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Creating Textured Papers with PSP 

Privacy Policy

You may order any combinations of patterns from any of the available packs. You may order as many or as few patterns as you wish.

Note that there are some single page parchment patterns available in the Card Front Kits section (only AU$1 each).

The skill level required for the patterns (and a picture of each) is indicated in the detail for each pattern pack on the main pattern page.

All patterns come as a PDF document with the pattern sized ready to print as well as a full size picture of the card made up and step by step instructions.

All purchases will be available as INSTANT DOWNLOAD after payment has been received.

Select one or more patterns :
Alencon Lace(12.5cmx16.5cm)
White Work Nasturtiums (13.5cmx18cm)
White Work Orchids (12.4cmx16.8cm)
White Work Poppies (13.4cmx15.5cm)
White Work Roses & Babys Breath(13.6cmx17.2cm)
Roses In Bloom - card (12.5cmx16.5cm)
Agapanthus (14.5cmx14.5cm)
Daisy Corners (diagonal grid)(12.5cmx17cm)
Wild Daisies (leaf border) (12cmx16cm)
Candy Canes (12cmx16cm)
Posy of Pansies (13cmx16.5cm)
Wild Violets (17cm x 13cm)
Ladies Slipper Orchids (16.5cm x 12.7cm)
Wild Poppies (16.3cm x 12.3cm)
Purple Vanda Orchids (13cm x 18cm)
Yellow Cymbidium Orchids (14cm x 14cm)
African GreyParrot (16cm x 16cm)
Cymbidium Baltic Orchid (16.8cmx12.7cm)
Pack 14 Rainbow Lorikeet (17cmx12cm)
Pack 14 Sulphur Crested Cockatoo (12.7cmx17.2cm)
Pack 14 Blue Macaw (10.5cmx20cm and/or 16.2cmx20cm)
Pack 14 Snowy Egret (12.25cmx16.5cm)
Pack 13 Pearls and Chiffon (12.2cmx16cm)
Pack 13 Single Red Rose (12.5cmx16.5cm)
Pack 13 Grid Oval Rose (12cmx16cm)
Pack 13 Rose Sun Catcher (14.5cmx14.5cm)
Pack 12 Art Deco Cat (12.5cmx17cm)
Pack 12 Rainbow Peacock (12.5cmx16cm)
Pack 12 Gecko On The WIndow (12.7cmx17cm)
Pack 12 Frog in Bamboo (11.5cmx15.7cm)
Pack 11 Delicate Dog Roses (13.5cmx13.5cm)
Pack 11 Squares & Pearls (13cmx13cm)
Pack 11 Funky Paisley (14.5cmx14.5cm)
Pack 11 Winged Hearts (14cmx14cm)
Pack 10 Dance The Night Away (12.5cmx16.5cm)
Pack 10 Party Time Stiletto (12.5cmx16.5cm)
Pack 10 Celebrate - Popping Cork (12.5cmx16.5cm)
Pack 10 High Tea (12.5cmx16.5cm)
Pack 10 Chocolate Cake & Pink Champagne (easy version) (12.5cmx16.5cm)
Pack 9 Blue Irises + Fine Loops Frame (13cmx17cm)
Pack 9 Double Fuschias + Traditional Oval Frame (13cmx17cm)
Pack 9 Sunny Hibiscus + Lacey Corners Frame (13cmx17cm)
Pack 9 Cymbidium Orchids + Intertwined Swirls Frame (13cmx17cm)
Pack 8 Butterfly Dreaming (12cmx17cm)
Pack 8 Flower Burst (12.5cmx16.5cm)
Pack 8 Tropical Fantasy (12.5cmx16.5cm)
Pack 8 Daisy Daze (12.5cmx16.5cm)
Pack 6 Peace Rosebud 12cmx16.5cm)
Pack 6 Blue Water Lily (12.5cmx17cm)
Pack 6 Tangerine Poppy (13.25cmx17cm)
Pack 6 Dainty Heartsease (12.25cmx16.5cm)
Pack 4 3D Bejewelled Flowers (10.5cmx15cm)
Pack 4 Butterfly in Floral Garland Oval (10.5cmx15cm)
Pack 4 Gold & White Lacey Bouquet (10.5cmx15cm)
Pack 4 3D Butterfly with Floral Sprays (10.5cmx15cm)
Pack 3 Sturt's Desert Pea (12.5cmx17cm)
Pack 3 Queensland Silver Wattle (12.8cmx16.5cm)
Pack 3 Gum Flowers (Eucalyptus) (12.8cmx17cm)
Pack 3 Cooktown Orchid (12.25cmx16.7cm)
Pack 5 Purple Butterfly with Corner Ribbons
Pack 5 Yellow Butterfly with Scrolls
Pack 5 Ribbons & Roses
Pack 5 Daisy Chain Heart
Pack 1 - Whitework Carnations
Pack 1 - Janine's Frangipanis
Pack 1 - Whitework Chrysanthemum
Pack 1 - Peach Blossom With Lace Border
Pack 1 - Rambling Roses
Pack 1 - Floral Lace Heart
Pack 2 -Cool Blue Christmas Trees
Pack 2 -Fancy Border Christmas Trees
Pack 2 -Holly Branch with double bow
Pack 2 -Cut out Bauble with sun tool border
Pack 2 - Poinsettia Bouquet with cut out leaves and holly border

Patterns purchased under this multi-choice scheme are AU$1.20 each.

All purchases will be available as INSTANT DOWNLOAD after payment has been received.

After you add a pattern to the cart, just click the CONTINUE SHOPPING button to return to this page and then you can add more single patterns to the cart if you wish.

© All designs and images copyright of Masikati Web Design 2008 except where noted. Free for PERSONAL use only. No images or designs may be reproduced or sold in any form. (Cards made using these designs MAY be sold.)